Pellet Stoves Pros and Cons

There are several pellet stoves pros and cons and most of them are mentioned briefly below.

Firstly let’s discuss the benefits of using pellet stoves. They are highly convenient and easy to use. By simply pressing a button or by merely regulating a thermostat you can light the fire. They offer clean pollution free heating alternatives and hence help to keep the room environment uncontaminated. Moreover, they are also capable of burning all kind of wood, even the one that gets discarded from the production of lumber and furniture.

In accordance with pellet stoves pros and cons, other important benefits of using pellet stoves is that they tend to provide heat effectively and produce less amount of ash compared to traditional wooden stoves, which makes the cleaning task hassle free. They need a lesser amount of storage space and also are uncomplicated to operate. Moreover, pellet stoves burn pellets, which are easy to transport and can be packed easily in 40lb sacks. Pellet stoves tend to regulate heat by means of a thermostat or by directly altering the stoves’ heat output.

In keeping with pellet stoves pros and cons, the disadvantages of using pellet stoves are that, since many pellet stoves are power-driven, hence they are more likely to break down in the long run compared to the traditional gas or wood stoves, if not maintained properly. All pellet stoves require electrical energy to operate the various motors and fans present within them. This tends to increase the cost of electricity consumption considerably and in case if you face with power shortage then your pellet stove will fail to produce heat. Unlike conventional gas or wood stoves, modern pellet stoves produce a continuous, dreary mechanical noise.

In keeping with pellet stoves pros and cons, there are few other disadvantages of using pellet stoves. In comparison to the traditional gas or wood stoves, pellet stoves are not so pleasant looking and the fire that they generate is condensed, strong and concentrated within the heating pot. All pellet stoves require constant maintenance for proper functioning and also require yearly cleaning by a professional. The costs of pellet stoves are much higher than the traditional heating stoves and also their supply is limited in the market.