Wood Pellet Stoves

Wood pellet stoves work on wood pellets, but they are different from the conventional wooden stove. The rate of combustion of these pellet stoves is a lot more than the wooden burning stove which makes these kinds of stoves a healthier and environment friendly option. Another plus point of wood pellet stoves is that wood pellets which are the source of fuel for these stoves are made out of recycled sawdust. This sawdust which would have otherwise been dumped and wasted can now be used on the purpose of running a stove.

These stoves look like any other fireplace or a wooden stove but they are a lot better than either of them. Wood pellet stoves are electronically advanced and sophisticated heating appliances which help in saving money. Wood pellets which are used in these stoves are freely available in the form of bags (40 lb), tons (50 bags) and skids (60 bags). The ongoing market price for wood pellets ranges from $120 to $200 per ton. This price is comparatively much lower than any other fuel used for other heating devices. There are also seasonal discounts on the fuel for wood pellet stoves which give people an option to stack up their supplies of fuel for an entire season for really low prices.

Another salient feature of wood pellets is that they come in compact packages and can be stored in very small areas. The process of filling a stove with wood pellets is as simple as it is to clean it. Pellets used in wood pellet stoves look like rabbit food and hence do not need as much space as wooden logs or cords. There is a huge demand for such stoves and this demand is expected to rise further because the fuel used in these stoves (wood pellets) is the byproduct of a manufacturing process and is not primary material, which makes the supply of these pellets continuous and convenient.