Corn Pellet Stoves

At first it is easy to confuse corn pellet stoves with wood pellet stoves. However, the most basic difference between the two is that corn stoves burn with the help of corn pellets while wood pellets are used for wood pellet stoves. These stoves consist of a draft blower that causes the combustion to take place over the corn pellets which results in the air being forced outdoors. This is why there is a vacuum within the stove, causing no smoke inside the house.

Corn pellet stoves are highly efficient as they provide with maximum amount of heat as quickly as possible with the minimum amount of fuel. Also, these stoves do not require a chimney like the old styles of heaters and can be vented with the help of any wire that can be stationed in any corner of the house.

The best part about corn pellet stoves is that they make use of corn pellets as their fuel. Corn is an environment friendly and natural source of fuel. There is hardly any smoke that is caused when corn pellets are burnt. Also, corn is a renewable source of energy and is grown in abundance in most parts of the world. The regular supply of corn helps in keeping its price low. The introduction of corn pellet stoves is a new breakthrough in the history of heating devices.

A growing number of people are opting for these kinds of stoves. Statistically, as many as 65000 such stoves were being used in the USA in the year 2005. This number increased to 150000 in 2006. Currently, the demand for corn pellet stoves is so high that the supply of the stoves is not able to meet the demand. This growing popularity of the stoves is a result of their cost efficiency, superior functioning and excellent heating.