Coal Pellet Stoves

Coal pellet stoves are among the commonly used heating devices used by people to keep their homes warm, reduce the level of pollution caused by other conventional devices like fireplaces or wooden burning ovens, improve the quality of air inside the house and reduce the amount of money spent on fuel. Just as the name suggests, coal pellet stoves make use of coal pellets in order to provide heat. The process of feeding a stove with coal is so simple that any layman can operate it without any difficulty.

A thin layer of coal has to be initially put into the tray in order to get the heating activity started. Then any fire starter can be used to light this layer which should not measure more than half an inch. While igniting this fore, one must keep safety precautions in mind and keep their clothing and other body parts away from coal pellet stoves. The next step is to add coke to the coal and light the coke using a candle. After the coke is added, the lid of the stove should be covered so that the heating process takes place quickly. In no time, the coke will burn the coal beneath it and an orange line will be visible across the tray. This is the time when coal pellet stoves have to be plugged in and the mains have to be turned on.

As soon as the power is provided, the fan in the stove starts running. This is all it takes to put these stoves on. Now all that is required is to keep the level of coal in the coal pellet stoves in check so that the stove does not run out of fuel. As and when needed, the reserves of coal should be replenished in the stove. The tray should also be kept clean at all times. The unique selling point of these kinds of stoves is that they are less expensive and more effective when compared to LPG or natural gas stoves.