Pellet Stoves Parts

The growing awareness about pellet stoves has made sure that most of us are acquainted with the functioning and the various types of pellet stoves available in the market today. However, pellet stoves parts are something that not many people have knowledge of. Pellet stove looks like a simple device but it consists of a number of different parts which are responsible for carrying out distinct functions in the heating process.

One of the important parts is a holding pin or a hopper as it is commonly known. It is the most basic among pellet stoves parts and its function is to store pellets. It is available in different sizes and is located at the back or top of the stove. Another part is an auger that is responsible for supplying the required number of pellets to the pellet stove. The fire pot is also one of the integral pellet stoves parts; it is the place where the pellets are collected and the air is received which ensures the continuous burning of the fire.

Every pellet stove works with the help of electricity and it has a series of electronic components that help in the efficient working of the stove. Each stove has a convection fan which carries the heated air from the pellet stove to the room that is to be heated. Among other pellet stoves parts is the intake/outtake fan which takes in the fresh air from the room which needs to be warm and the pellet pipe throws the toxic fumes out of the house.

All these parts can be repaired and replaced whenever there is need. All the parts are easily available but the buyer must be very careful while selecting the model and serial number of the pellet stoves parts.