Whitfield Pellet Stoves

Whitfield Pellet Stoves are considered to be one of the best pellet stoves available in the market. Way back in the 1980’s, Whitfield launched their original wood pellet stove. Over the years people have widely recognized the excellence of stoves and thus the popularity of Whitfield stoves has increased considerable. Using Whitfield wood pellet stove is the perfect means of saving money as well as heating your home. Whitfield Advantage Plus is considered to be the most excellent model among all models of Whitfield pellet stoves. This particular stove exhibits a perfect blend of excellent design with contemporary technology.

It will supply as a minimum of 38,000 BTUs of heat and is capable of heating an area span ranging from 800 to 1900sq ft. Unlike low-priced stove models, effectiveness of this particular Whitfield pellet stoves model has been considered at 80%. Comparing to other pellet stoves it also allows you to choose the type of pellets for heating up your room. Whitfield Advantage Plus also offers an oversize hopper to store wood pellets for almost 75hrs of burn. Since this pellet stove normally burns extremely hot, hence the ash container needs to be cleaned only twice in a year.

The other two popular models of Whitfield pellet stoves are Profile 20 FS-2 and 30 FS-2 self-supporting pellet stoves. Both models comprise of LED screens, which are very easy to understand. You can also use these stoves continuously for about 41 hours, which is almost two complete days. These two models are available in bay-view design and in gold or nickel finish. They come in 16 different colors you can choose according to your preferences.

Whitfield pellet stoves became a part of Lennox International, a company, which was founded in 1895 and is situated in Orange, CA. There are various types of Whitfield pellet stove models available on the internet at reasonably priced rates. Normally a new Whitfield pellet stove will cost at least $1500.