St Croix Pellet Stoves

St Croix pellet stoves are manufactured by the Even Temp enterprise, owned by Johnson Gas Appliances. In 2003 they managed to get hold of two ‘Vesta’ awards and won one award in 2004 and 2005 as well as in 2008. Situated on the North periphery of Waco, Nebraska, the Even Temp Company was launched in the beginning of the year 1950 by LaMoine Todd. The company first started manufacturing parts for other stove brands and eventually they produced their own range of pellet stoves under the name St Croix pellet stoves.

St Croix produces three different types of corn stoves as well as five different varieties of pellet stoves. The Lincoln SCR is the latest brand of St Croix stoves, which in 2008 won the prestigious ‘Vesta’ award. A St Croix pellet stove employs hard-wearing stainless steel heat exchanger. It is also outfitted with a control panel, which presents analytics to identify operating problems.

There are some types of St Croix pellet stoves and they are briefly mentioned below.

Afton Bay is an American manner pedestal pellet stove with a hopper capable of holding 65 lbs of pellet feed. It produces 40,000 BTU of heat and can heat up an area span of about 1800 sq. ft.

Hastings has an outward appearance of a cast iron wood burner stove. Obtainable in five different colors and its hopper is capable of holding 40 lbs of feed. It generates about 35,000 BTU of heat and can heat up an area span of 1800 sq. ft. Hastings St Croix pellet stoves comprise of similar cast iron exterior like the Greenfield model. It includes a stainless steel heat exchanger to guarantee durability, and a huge ash pan, which requires to be emptied once in every week.

Prescott EXL comprises of a horizontal door and rests on legs. The Prescott EXP model, on the other hand rests on a pedestal. The Prescott hopper has a capacity to hold 75 lbs. of pellet feed. Both models generate about 40,000 BTU heat and can warm up an area of about 1800 sq. ft.

The price of St Croix pellet stoves normally ranges from $1700 to $3000.