Quadrafire Pellet Stoves

Quadrafire pellet stoves burn and reburn ashes in four separate chambers, present inside the firebox. This innovative technology created fresh standards for dirt free, fuel effective heating by means of wood. A Quadrafire pellet stove will never break down in operation in due course because it is non-catalytic.

Quadrafire pellet stoves produce heat, fueled by gas, wood, pellets or shelled corn. Each Quadrafire pellet stove is planned with an interest towards beauty and efficiency. Effective, consistent, user-friendly, and ecologically friendly, a Quadrafire pellet stove is always considered to be an intelligent choice for home heating.

These types of pellet stoves are advantageous for houses, which do not possess a fireplace but need to be kept warm during chilly winter nights. Quadrafire pellet stoves are normally self-supporting stoves and can be positioned any place inside a room for heating purposes. The exhaust pipes of these types of stoves are highly adjustable according to the place where it needs to be positioned; it can be at the center of a room or resting on a wall. They consist of insulation substance, present at the bottom of the stove. This insulation substance is provided to prevent the ground under the stove from getting heated up.

The best feature of Quadrafire pellet stoves is that they are highly versatile. They are obtainable in various different capacities and sizes. Customers can choose the exact size according to their requirements. They are also available in various different designs, for instance, the conventional cast iron stove design as well as in different modern designs. You will easily find a Quadrafire pellet stove that will help you to enhance the d├ęcor of your room. The price of Quadrafire pellet stoves starts from $3000, which compared to other pellet stoves, is quite high.