Lopi Pellet Stoves

Lopi pellet stoves have exceptionally streamlined bodies, which provide people with suitable heating as well as allow extra cost savings. Purchasing any of Lopi pellet stove models will facilitate you to be eligible for a tax credit since the entire range of Lopi stoves go beyond the 75% efficiency criterion.

There are different models of Lopi pellet stoves obtainable in the market and you can select a specific model in accordance with your house heating requirements. Lopi pellet stove Pioneer model is ideally suited for low heating purposes. This particular stove model is attractive as well as hard-wearing. It is capable of heating an area span of about 1600 square feet, thus making it perfect for small homes. A single stack of pellets usually produces heat for about fifty five hours continuously. You’ll need to build a vent measuring about three to four inch for Pioneer Lopi pellet stoves.

Yankee Lopi pellet stove models are perfect for bigger houses. Yankee pellet stoves are capable of heating approximately an area of 2250 square feet, thus making it suitable for oversized houses. It can function for 47 hours continuously on just a single stack of pellets. The pellet holding container is extremely big and has a capacity to store almost seventy five pounds of pellet feed. Yankee Lopi pellet stoves require an exhaust vent, which is about four inch in length.

Another well-known model of Lopi pellet stoves is the Leyden stove. This stove is perfect for any kind of home, large or small. Leyden stoves have a capacity to heat approximately an area of 2250 square feet. Leyden Lopi pellet stoves are widely available in two different colors, brown and black. The storage holder provided in this type of pellet stoves is comparatively smaller compared to Yankee pellet stove and has a holding capacity of about forty five pounds of pellet feed. However, like the other two Lopi pellet stove models Leyden pellet stoves also require an exhaust vent, which is around four inch in length.

The price of Lopi pellet stoves normally starts from $1800. Lopi Company is a branch of the Travis Industries, which is situated in Kirkland, Washington.