Kozi Pellet Stoves

Kozi pellet stoves make use of different types of pellets to produce heat to keep your house warm. These stoves are highly beneficial because they are capable of using different types of wood, which would otherwise would have been discarded and squandered by people. Pellets specially produced from the leftover woods can burn very effectively as well as emit less emission compared to other varieties of pellets.

Kozi pellet stoves are ecologically friendly. The finest model of Kozi stoves is the Model 100. This particular pellet stove model comprises of an air ignition mechanism together with an air clean saver screen. The Model 100 Kozi stoves are highly admired, mainly because they are both easy as well as safe to use. Wood pellets when placed inside the stove hopper will ultimately get completely used up. Kozi pellet stoves are capable of instinctively deactivate the burner as soon as it feels that there is an inadequate or no supply of pellets.

The Kozi Model 100 also includes a safety aspect that is, if there is any type of mechanical error inside the stove, it will instinctively switch off. This Kozi model is available along with a heat exchanger, present inside the blower. Due to this feature the blower is able to regulate its pace when it gets heated up. This model of Kozi pellet stoves also consists of a modifiable pellet feed that permits the stove owner to regulate the quantity of pellet feed, which is being flamed to produce heat effectively.

The Kozi Model 100 enables the stove owner to insert pellet feed at a leisurely pace in order to produce the correct heat temperature according to one’s requirements. However, on a freezing night you can even add almost 4.5 pounds of pellets for each hour in order to produce more heat that will last for long duration.

Kozi pellet stoves are manufactured by APR Industries in Winnipeg, Canada, which is one hour drive from North Dakota near the border line of Canada. The price of a Kozi pellet stove starts from $1700.