Jamestown Pellet Stoves

Jamestown pellet stoves are considered to be the most effective pellet stoves producing the maximum warmth compared to other pellet stoves of their size. The J1000 Jamestown model is the smallest stove in the world generating an enormous heat of 38,000 BTU’s whereas the J2000 Jamestown model generates about 45,000 BTU’s. Their compact, striking design permits to install them at any place. You can set up the stove on a wall, inside your dining room, living room, workshop, or garage. They can also be used for heating mobile homes.

Jamestown pellet stoves are basically designed for extreme cold temperatures of Canada’s wintry weather, especially for places like Ontario and Thunder Bay. These pellet stoves heat effectively and inexpensively and at the same time provide your home the cozy and warm ambiance of a conventional wood stove.

Jamestown pellet stoves barely require roughly one hour for installation and, in the majority of cases, require no special electrical system.

Jamestown company’s established trustworthiness from its presence in the market for several years is generally denoted by means of dealers offering trouble-free access to support. The company’s warranty coverage equals to or surpasses market standards. Created with meticulousness, parts of Jamestown pellet stoves are laser cut and computer generated. These pellet stoves comprise of door, heat tubes, multiple chambers, fire pot, pellets / hopper, convection fan, auger and exhaust fan.

Moreover, Jamestown stoves offer seven different base options to go well with various types of requirements. They are capable of functioning for 30 hours at a stretch. They have easy self-igniter start option. The J1000B Jamestown pellet stoves model requires just 1.5 amps for each motor and in total 3.5 amps to function completely, generating 34,000 BTU of heat, which signifies that it is highly uncomplicated to change in the course of power outages.

The price of Jamestown pellet stoves starts from $3200 onwards. The Jamestown company is situated in Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada.