Harman Pellet Stoves

Harman is considered to be the most excellent choice in the world of pellet stoves and customers widely acknowledge them mainly because of their consistency and performance. The Harman P68 model recently won the prestigious Vesta Award, which established its position in the midst of the best pellet stoves present in the market. This kind of self-supporting Harman pellet stoves holds 68,000 BTU output together with an extensive heating span, minimum maintenance and intelligent control. A microchip operates the BTU production by means of perceiving the room temperature and fire temperature to produce the ideal pellets feed rate to preserve a comfortable temperature. Compared to Quadra-Fire pellet stoves, Harman pellet stoves produce less waste and require no maintenance at all.

The P68 model comprises of a modern door latch, huge ash pan along with a swing door, an original feeder, air-cooled ignition blower, as well as programmed ignition. According to one customer, a Harman pellet stove can heat up an open area of about 1900 sq ft and maintains a relaxing room temperature all through. Harman pellet stoves are also capable of burning all types of pellets, such as wood, grass, corn and biomass effectively.

The original Dane Harman’s company owns quite a lot of patents and now has extended their trade abroad with its center in Halifax, Pennsylvania. One cannot buy Harman pellet stoves directly from the company, but they are easily available at lots of retailers all over Canada and the US. When buying a Harman pellet stove always watch out whether the stove is from a licensed Harman Stove Company servicing trader or not.

The company has already launched eight distinct self-supporting pellet stoves models, and a single wood pellet slot in model in the market. The eight models of Harman pellet stoves are Advance, Accentra, Harman XXV, PC45, P61A, P43, P68, plus the Pellet Pro 38 Plus.

Generally their prices vary between $1500 and $3000 dollars, which in comparison to other pellet stoves is quite economical. Especially, Quadra-Fire pellet stoves, which cost almost $3035 without taxes.