Enviro Pellet Stoves

Enviro pellet stoves are increasingly becoming popular among people, who wish to save some money on pellet stoves. Pellet stoves compared to wood stoves burn consistently and effectively. They are also available along with thermostats and do not produce noise while working. Enviro is considered to be among top producers of superior pellet stoves and also has an excellent collection to select from.

The Meridian Enviro pellet stoves are fine-looking and have been planned to produce 45,000 BTUs of warmth within your home. This stove includes an iron cast firebox with brick line up that provides it both toughness and attractiveness. The Enviro Meridian has earned an EPA effectiveness score of 75.8%, usually considered to be an outstanding rating. It comprises of a long-lasting heat exchanger, which remains concealed from naked eye to make the fireplace appear sparkling and sleek lines, which will match well with any type of d├ęcor.

The Maxx Enviro pellet stoves are extremely effective and are capable of warming an area span of 900 to 2700 square feet. The highest BTU it produces is about 70,000 because of which it occupies a lot of space and hence is ideal for large homes. This model is 86% efficient per the EPA rating. It comes with a 130 pound pellet hopper and a large, dual chamber ash pan which means you won’t need to fill it or clean it out often. Standard equipment includes a heat exchanger cleaning system and a tri-mode operating system.

A new model of freestanding Enviro pellet stoves on the market is the M55 Multi-Fuel Stove. This unit comes with an innovative low maintenance burner that uses an agitator rod in the burn pot to break up debris and move it into ash pan. With this model you won’t need to burn only high-quality pellets, you won’t need to clean your stove as often, and you will have the capability of burning alternate fuels from corn to wheat, barley, paper pellets, and bark pellets! This unit is rated at 78% efficiency.

Enviro pellet stoves are manufactured by Sherwood Industries, which is situated in Saanichton, which is roughly at a distance of 16km of North Victoria, on the Island of Vancouver located in British Columbia. The price of an Enviro pellet stove starts from $2700.