Breckwell Pellet Stoves

Breckwell Hearth Products is a company, which produces different types of pellet stoves and is situated in the United States. It was originally created by Dave Wells and Al Breckel in Eugene, Ore., during 1980, and at present the company is situated in Arlington, Texas. Breckwell Hearth Products began manufacturing pellet stoves in the mid 1980s.

Breckwell pellet stoves are available in seven different models, which are capable of heating an area extending from a specific room in the house to the complete house. The Breckwell pellet stove models are P23 Series (Sonora), P22 Series (Maverick), P24 Series (Blazer), P2700 Series (Mojave), P2000 Series (Tahoe), P1000 (Big E) and P4000 (Classic Cast). The stove models are obtainable in a wide array of styles consisting of self-supporting, on a pedestal stand or as fireplace inserts.

Breckwell pellet stoves are made to burn wood pellets. The burning of corn pellets may cancel the service contract available on the pellet stove. Breckwell Hearth Products Company also manufactures a multi-fuel pellet stove known as SP 6000 FS, and this model is capable of burning both corn and wood pellets. The price of Breckwell stoves starts from $1500.The major disadvantage of using Breckwell pellet stoves is that there are many areas in the U.S. where there is still no availability of customer service. This makes it difficult for users to repair it in case of any problem.

Breckwell pellet stoves need three steps of maintenance. They comprise of cleaning the burn vessel, mopping the glass situated at the front part and wiping the heat replace tube. In addition, the cleaning program also involves weekly cleaning of ash chamber, and weekly brushing of the ignition chamber.

Breckwell pellet stoves can be purchased via 730 dealers located all over the U.S. It does not have any company dealer present in Utah, Alabama, Hawaii, North Carolina, Louisiana, South Carolina or Florida.