Pellet Stoves

The introduction of pellet stoves was a welcome change from the originally used barrel stoves, oil drum fires, wood ovens etc. But what kind of stoves are these ones? This kind of stove is not like any other traditional form of heating device, which consists of a basic box. These stoves are not only better looking but also more efficient than other stoves. In order to understand the working of pellet stoves, it is necessary to know about their functioning.

Such stoves can be used both for industrial as well as residential activities. The fuel that they work on can be biomass or wood. The best part about pellet stoves is that there is no need to adjust the stove at regular intervals as in the case of other stoves. This could be one of the reasons why people choose to use them. Such stoves consist of a burn pot area and a storage container which is also known as a hopper. The hopper is the source of continuous supple of fuel to the pellet stove which keeps it burning constantly. This is because these stoves use combustion systems, heat exchangers and electrically controlled blowers.

Most people opt for the use of pellet stoves because they are more popular, suitable and cheap as compared to other options. Now the question arises of where they can place a stove? One needs to have a proper place to install it to avoid any mishaps. Gloves or shoes should never be placed on the stove and it should be kept far away from other combustible materials as well as furniture and curtains. The reason why people prefer pellet stoves lies in the fact that they are easy to clean, environment friendly, easy to install and decorative.